Someone sent me an email about this website and I wanted to try this out. I have been having trouble with family. My mom smokes and I have told her to stop too many times. It doesn't only effect her when she smokes, its_me_2 that she effects. She is starting to quit, but i want to keep her motivated. Im very glad you made this website. I might send you a video to post,too. Please write back.
~me munya

Dear me munya,
       Tell your mom how you feel about her smoking AND how you feel when she is qiuting smoking. Tell her that you are proud of her qiuting and it means the world to you. If she starts up again, tell her that it is hurting you too. Every once in a while just keep reminding her how proud you are of her quiting.
If you have any more problems, please come for our advice.
Thank you so much :)

Hi! This is one of the creators of our site! I also want to add that when your trying to help her quit smoking, stick up for her too, because it can be very stressful for her. But just cheer her up and keep telling her that your proud! Good Luck!!! :O)


 Hey! This is another creator! I wanted to tell you something I heard on Opera. She said that for every 4 cigarrettes you smoke, that's 1 your child will smoke. Be sure to tell your mom that. It will make her think a little more about what she is doing with her life.



    Dear, Life4Teens                                

   I have a friend who says she's too fat, she never eats anything and I try to talk to her, but she doesn't listen, PLEASE, I really need help!!!!! Should I let her do what she likes or tell her the right thing to do, if so what? What do I say                 -friend


Dear friend,

     Have a talk with her. Show her some pictures of people who don't eat. Tell her what happens to people who do that. Tell her that you love her like a sister and don't want to see her go down, because you'll go down with her. If something happens contact us again.


 Dear life4teens,

          My friends have been bugging me lately, A LOT. They’ve been calling me rude names thinking their funny, but it’s hurting me. I’ve told them to stop before, but they haven’t. HELP! WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!???



Dear prblemswithfriends,

     Try aking them again politely. If that doesn't work have a friend to friend talk with them. If they STILL keep bugging you, talk to your parents or counslers. If you have any more problems feel free to talk about it with us.